Laie Affiliate Program

Wanna become a high-profile star? Want to inspire others to join the jewelry game, just like you?

Would you like to be featured in a brand campaign? Even expecting to get some free jewelry from Laie?

Now, your chance is here. We're calling out all the people there who enjoy our jewelries as much as we do!

Laie has partnered with one of the web's largest and most established affiliate networks, Shareasale to make sign up and monitoring your progress a breeze.

Post with #laiejewelry to win about 1k to 5k dollars each month, or join the VIP program to earn additional cash, rewards, and the opportunity to earn a long-term contract with Laie.

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What is Laie affiliate program?

As the top choice of over 15000+ global a-list artists and fashionista, Laie Jewelry has a reputation for delivering blinged-out jewelry which is perfect for upping their style game and emulating their favorite style icons. We provide one of the largest choices of cuban link chains, bracelets, rings, watches, and pendants in a variety of styles to suit all tastes. Our professinal designers takes pride in creating custom jewelry with superior craftsmanship.

Join Laie Affiliate Program

Rater than using real gold and vvs diamonds, would like to offer affordable yet trendy men's jewelry pieces with high-quality material and using latest gold plating technology. We sincerely want to invite you to join us to spread our fashion men's hip hop jewelry and enjoy mutual benefits. We offer a 20% start commission and regular newsletters to all.

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Laie Program Details

  • 20% commission & Bonus
  • 45-days cookies
  • Auto-deposit is enabled
  • Datafeed avaialble
  • Newsletter weekly including latest coupons, deals, banners

Affiliate Partnership Benefits

BENEFIT 1. High quality products

Most of our products are reviewed and highly recommended by famous fashion/review/news websites.

BENEFIT 2. Industry leading bonus

Bonuses: You earn a commission based on the sales you generate. From 20% to 30% commission.

BENEFIT 3. First class conversion rate

We have first class e-commerce conversion rate (5 times higher on average than competitors) as we are a trusted brand with thousands of positive user online reviews.

BENEFIT 4. Digital Remarketing Strategy

We have spent heavily on digital remarketing advertisements by targeting visitors with our remarketing campaigns, reminding them to purchase even after they've left our site, which helps you significantly in closing the deal.

Advantages to Consumers

  • Affordable and competitive price
  • Average order: $69
  • Free shipping within United States
  • 1-year warranty & professional support

Who could join the affiliate program?

Everyone from YouTube personalities, motivated streamers, vloggers, bloggers, social media influencers and many more! You just need to create exciting content with #laiejewelry. Make sure to sign up for the VIP program to earn additional rewards!

Laie highly values your every expert videos, professional articles and real product review. The affiliate program is free for all content creators and enables the affiliated members to earn revenue for advertising Laie brand or specific products by placing affililate links on their channel, website, social accounts and more! Any sales made to customers who have clicked on those links will earn the affiliate commission.

Our Affiliate Program is now open to fashion lovers, photographers, personal website owners and video editors. With us, affiliates are not just product ambassadors—you are pioneers. We reserve the right to reject or remove any account that contains objectionable material and/or does not serve in the interest of the Laie community.

How does it work?

Step 1. Register Laie Affiliate Program. New affiliates are automatically approved and accepted.

Step 2. Log in and get your referral link.

Step 3. Add special Laie materials to your page and place the above customized links. We provide various promotional info such as ad banners, graphics, text description, special coupon code, product feed, newsletter, etc., also taking care of all customer services. Please feel free to contact us.

Step 4: At last, the only thing you need do is promoting for us through your streams, videos and website and start to reap up to 30% commission.


  • The more visible, the more likely visitors will click on it.
  • Usage is recorded when visitors click on your link or place an order.
  • Real-time conversion rate and earnings monitoring through personalized affiliate dashboard


  • Our default commission rate is 20% for a single sale if your sale is lower than $500/month;
  • And you will earn 25% commission after your $500-$2000 sale /month.
  • We will even send you a chain completely free and the commission will be raised to 30% commission after your $2000 sale/month!


1. Make sure you are located in United States;

2. We will not allow all affiliates using google adwords for promoting, becasue:

  • Your affiliate link feels like a fake website, which is not good for our brand. And will decrese the customer's trusting.
  • The redirection will lead to long time reviewing for our google adwords account.
  • It will do brand biding with some keywords and increase the ads costs.

3. Remember to email us to require your customized coupon codes for visitors if you need. Please don't use other's coupon code. As we use custom coupon code to track every advertiser's promoting result, the data will be not correct if you use them.

PPC Policy

  • Affiliates are not permitted to bid on trademark terms or any variation or misspelling including but not limited to Laie,, laiejewelry, laie jewelry etc.
  • Affiliates are not permitted to bid on TM+ terms or any variation or misspelling including but not limited to Laie charms, Laie jewelry, Laie coupons, Laie reviews etc.
  • Affiliates are not permitted to use Laie brand terms within domain name like, or use our domain for display url. However you may use the brand within subdomains eg:
  • Laie will terminate partnership with the affiliate who violates our PPC policy immediately. The affiliate will be added into our black list.

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Q: Where can I learn more about Laie products?

A: You can check Laie products at official site with complete information from designs and benefits of the product.

Q: How to spread the word?

A: Here are the ways:

Q: What about product returns?

A: If a customer returns a product, requests a refund, cancels an order, or if credit card charges are reversed due to dispute or credit card fraud, your account will be debited for any commission earned on that transaction.

Q: How do I claim for my Coupon Code?

A: Please email us and require your customized coupon codes for visitors.

Q: How do I qualify to be a Laie Affiliate Partner?

A: Anyone is welcome to apply for the affiliate program, and we review each application carefully and make the final decision of eligibility. Laie will be working with a limited number of high quality affiliates.

Q: Does joining the affiliate program mean I am sponsored or partnered by Laie?

A: The affiliate program is meant for giving our fans the opportunity to earn commissions from promoting Laie's products. This doesn't indicate any partnership and sponsorship, nor free products sponsored.

Q: How do I upgrade to a full sponsorship?

A: Generally it is related to total social reach via Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, INS, competition exposure, and more.

The requirements is as below:

  • Bronze: Entry level content creator. Under 10,000 subscribers on YouTube. Keep working hard to get some traction, getting off the ground is always the hardest part. You could get extra 10% coupon code.
  • Gold: Experienced content creator. Between 10,000 to 20,000 subscribers. Great work, stay consistent in your schedule and continue to grow your audience. You could get extra 12% coupon code.
  • Diamond: Established content creation brand. Over 20,000 subscribers. You could get extra 20% coupon too. As long as you have the skills for shooting and making videos, you could get a free cuban chain as reward.

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