Biggest Celebrity Jewelry Trends to Shop Now


From simple to statement, buyers weigh in on this season's best bling from biggest celebrity jewelry purchases. See what's trending in jewelry to buy now.

— Biggest Celebrity Jewelry Trends

Some of the biggest jewelry purchases came from famous people after super bowl. 

Lil Durk purchased a pendant from 'The Voice' while Cardi B picked up a Call of Duty chain. The 'Voice' winner also picked up a pendant from a pop culture brand.

1. Los Angeles Rams Championship Rings

If you're looking for the perfect way to celebrate your latest sports victory, the Los Angeles Rams championship ring is a great choice.

This ring is made of platinum, white gold and diamonds and is decorated with a team logo and Lombardi Trophy. The ring is set with more than a carat of diamonds, including 0.23 carats of round diamonds.

The Los Angeles Rams won the Super Bowl in 2017 and recently gave their players and coaches championship rings. It was a team effort, and the 23-20 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals was a triumphant moment for the Rams.

 To celebrate the championship, Rams officials consulted with jewelry designer Jason of Beverly Hills, who created the rings keeping the teams history and significance in mind.

A ring from the Super Bowl LVI championship game has the largest carat weight of any championship ring in history. The team's championship ring features approximately 20 carats of white diamonds, and has other intricate details representing the city and stadium.

The Los Angeles Rams championship ring is a perfect way to celebrate the team's victory in the Super Bowl. It contains the most carat weight of any NFL championship ring and is made of both white and yellow gold. The Rams have even tweeted about the ring's weight.

The Rams championship rings are valued at $100,000 each. The company that made them said it is an honor to design them, and their company creates several variations of each. Jason of Beverly Hills, a Los Angeles native, says the ring-making process is challenging but rewarding.

2. Lil Durk’s ‘The Voice’ Pendant

Lil Durk is a Chicago-based rapper and hip-hop artist. He has been active as a musician since 2013, and has gained a significant following within the hip-hop scene. He is the founder of the record label and collective Only the Family, and his jewelry collection reflects the success that he has enjoyed.

The rapper, real name Livingston Allen, has a taste for expensive jewelry. His $23,000 pendant is engraved with the number 300, which represents the number of his Chicago-based "folk" gang, the Black Disciples. The group functions more like a religious organization than a traditional gang, and Lil Durk is still an active member of the group. The ring symbolizes his religious beliefs and roots.

Lil Durk is a Chicago native, and his extensive jewelry collection has been in the news lately. He is known to frequent Atlanta-based jewelry store Icebox Diamonds and Watches. He recently addressed a fake jewelry scandal in his Instagram account, and it's easy to see why.

3. ‘Ghost’ Pendant

Cardi B has made headlines for her 'Ghost' Pendant, which she wore in her music video for 'Hot S**t'. The piece of jewelry is a replica of the Ghost pendant in the video game Modern Warfare 2. It features an image of the game character in diamonds, and the piece is the focal point of Cardi's outfit. The music video also features rappers Kanye West and Lil Durk.

Cardi B has become a staple of the red carpet. She has an eye for fashion and never holds back. The rapper, who works with stylist Kollin Carter, has been spotted wearing stunning jewelry on the red carpet. Unlike most people, she has no qualms about showing off her bling.

As part of her collaboration with Reebok, Cardi B has designed an apparel collection for the brand. The Summertime Fine Collection will launch alongside the Reebok Club C and is aimed at empowering women. The rapper tried on every item in the collection and made sure she liked it, too.

4. Rolling Loud Miami Artist Pendants

As Rolling Loud Miami has become a leading hip-hop festival, the festival's organizers teamed up with local jeweler GLD to create official artist pendants for the event. The pendants feature the artist's initials, which are drowned in diamonds, surrounded by water. In addition to the official pendants, performers were also gifted with custom pendant chains. This partnership between Rolling Loud and GLD has been continuing ever since last July.

The two designers met at a Roc Nation event and bonded over their passion for hip-hop jewelry. After getting into the industry, they set up a small office in Pittsburgh and met Seremet, a serial tech entrepreneur who previously co-founded the company that created Grand Theft Auto. Seremet invested in the company and has since moved the company to Miami. It now employs over 60 people.

The Rolling Loud Miami festival's lineup featured 130 artists. The festival's headliners included veterans and rising stars alike. Some of the artists performing at the festival include Ken The Man, Travis Scott, and Morray. The Rolling Loud Miami Festival has been one of the largest and most successful hip-hop festivals in the world.

5. Juan Soto’s ‘Soto Shuffle’ Pendant

In a week in which many jewelry fans are buying diamond studs and other pieces of jewelry, a Washington Nationals player made an unexpected debut with his new diamond pendant, the 'Soto Shuffle'.

The dazzling piece was designed by Atlanta jewelry company Icebox. Soto will be playing in the Home Run Derby this Monday at Dodger Stadium.

Soto's pendant, set in 14kt white gold, features four carats of natural VVS diamonds. It features a diamond baseball bat, shin guards in yellow gold, and an inscription reading "WS 2019" and his jersey number (22). The pendant was designed to be worn during a game, and Soto is expected to wear it for the rest of the year.

Soto reportedly only uses the Shuffle when he thinks the pitch is a ball. He never shuffles when a three-ball count is involved. But on pitches with one and two-strike counts, he appears to use the Shuffle relatively frequently. The umpires seem immune to Soto's charms, but Williams has a sense of the strike zone that many have cited.

As a baseball fan, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to wear a piece of Juan Soto's "Soto Shuffle" Pendant this July. The batting sensation that is so popular with baseball fans has even been added to video games!