How Much Is Polo G's Goat Chain?

If you've been wondering about polo g goat chain price, then you've come to the right place. You'll learn who POLO G was, how this piece came about, how much it costs, and what makes it so unique. You'll also learn more about the unique design of the necklace.

1. Who was POLO G

Known as the GOAT chain, rapper Polo G's goat necklace is one of the coolest accessories in rap today. The 112-carat piece was reportedly purchased for over $500,000 by the rapper. The chain is adorned with diamonds on all sides and is set in yellow gold, giving it an Illuminati-like look.

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The rapper Polo G made the statement when he performed at Rolling Loud Miami. He posed with the huge pendant and chain, which was gifted by GLD, the brand that is supported by Wiz Khalifa and GLDGang. He also teased his upcoming album, which is being produced by Southside.

He has become known for sharing his vulnerable experiences. His stories show his tough childhood in Chicago, where he had to face numerous obstacles such as gang violence and drug addiction. In the process, he was able to overcome many obstacles and ultimately become a successful artist.

2. The origin of POLO G GOAT Custom Pendant

In an effort to clarify the controversy surrounding the rapper's controversial new neckpiece, Polo G has addressed the matter in a TikTok video. Fans have expressed their concern over the necklace, as it looks similar to the Baphomet idol, a fictional creation with satanic associations. The rapper has denied these allegations, claiming the neckpiece is merely a fashion choice.

The rapper, born Taurus Bartlett, is an extremely popular and talented rapper from Chicago. He has racked up an impressive list of accomplishments in the past few years. His debut studio album Die a Legend was certified platinum and has received more than four billion streams. Most recently, he scored his first Number One album with Hall of Fame. The album features the hit single "Rapstar" and is expected to receive multiple Grammy nominations.

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Polo G's necklace is adorned with diamonds on all sides. It has an Illuminati-like appearance and is made of yellow gold. He commissioned IceBox to make a custom pendant for him. If you like to get similare one, send your custom inquiry to us.

3. Cost of GOAT Custom Pendant

Polo G's goat custom pendant is one of the rapper's most expensive pieces. The rapper has spent over $500,000 on it. He shows off the piece on Instagram. The rapper is known for his insanely large collection and has spent millions of dollars. He has a large collection of rap music memorabilia, including many diamonds.

Polo G's GOAT chain is one of the coolest chains in the rap world today. IceBox Jewelers created the piece, which features two goat heads and a yellow gold pendant with round diamonds. It costs over $500,000, making it one of the most expensive and rare chains in rap history.

In addition to the goat pendant, Polo G also owns an extensive collection of gold and diamond jewelry. "Capalot" is one such piece, which measures 3 inches long by two inches high. It is covered in VVS diamonds. The rapper paid over $100,000 for the piece, and it comes with a thick rose gold chain.

4. What Makes GOAT Custom Pendant So Expensive?

IceBox Jewelers created the Goat chain for Polo G, a tribute to his second studio album. It features a chain with a GOAT-shaped pendant made of yellow gold and round diamonds. According to Polo G, this is one of the most difficult custom pieces of jewelry he has created.

The rapper commissioned IceBox to design a pendant for him, featuring diamonds on all sides and yellow gold on top. He says it has an Illuminati-like appearance. The goat chain costs more than $40,000. The rapper has been spotted wearing it at events around the world.

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Polo G has a vast jewelry collection. His "Goat" necklace, for example, is one of the most valuable pieces in the rap industry. According to IceBox jewelers, it was the first 112-carat piece in the world. It is worth over $500,000 and is considered one of the coolest chains in the rap world.

5. How to get custom pendant without the luxury price

If you want to own a custom pendant but can't afford the luxury price tag, there are many ways to get a similar design without breaking the bank. One option is to order a brush font pendant, which is similar to the famous Polo G pendant. These pendants are available in various gold colors and come with a choice of chain and diamond type.

If you want a unique pendant, you can contact IceBox Jewelers and have a custom pendant made for you. This piece has diamonds on all sides and is made of yellow gold. It is a piece of art and is said to be the first of its kind. It has 112 carats of diamonds in total.

Another option is to design your own pendant. For example, if you love basketball, you could get a pendant that features the number 1300, which represents a street in Chicago. This pendant would have a special meaning for you and your love for the sport.

6. How to Get a Custom Pendant

1 Add special words

If you are wondering how to get a custom pendant from Polo G, then read on. The rapper commissioned IceBox to design a pendant with diamonds on all sides and a yellow gold top. He wore it to Rolling Loud Miami and was dumbstruck with the size of the pendant. It also teased his upcoming album which will be produced by Southside and is scheduled to drop later this year.

The pendant is a replica of the NBA logo and features a diamond-studded silhouette. It is also engraved with the words "Only dreamers achieve." Whether you're an NBA fanatic or just love basketball, a pendant like this is a great way to represent your love for the game.

Unlike other kinds of jewelry, custom pendants are more expensive. But, if you have a lot of money to spare, you can get a beautiful pendant made just for you. The IceBox team is very experienced in crafting high-quality custom pendants. The 1300 custom pendant, for example, is a big, impressive piece of jewelry. It weighs more than 100 grams and is made of solid gold. It is estimated to cost $115,000 (USD).

2 Choose the material

There are several types of materials that can be used for a Custom Pendant. For example, you can choose a pendant that features the word "love" or the state seal. Alternatively, you can choose a picture pendant that displays a family photograph. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that you will love it forever.

Before you can begin creating a Custom Pendant, you will need to choose a material. You can start with sterling silver. This is a great choice for beginners and will provide practice with layered joins. Beginners will want to start with cabochons that are round or oval in shape. To make the setting more secure, you can wrap the bezel wire around the cabochon. Make sure that you cut the wire a couple of millimeters past the size of the cabochon.

3 Find a matching chain

When choosing a necklace, the color of the pendant should match the color of the chain. For instance, a white gold pendant should only be worn with a white gold or silver chain. Choose a simple chain that won't detract from the pendant. The chain should also have a large enough clamp for the necklet or chain to fit through.


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