What is Cubic Zirconia? Understanding CZ Stones

Cubic zirconia is a synthetic gemstone that has been used as a diamond simulant since 1976. It has gained popularity in the jewelry industry over years. If you are looking for an excellent substitute for diamonds, cz stones are right for you.

Read on to learn what is Cubic Zirconia, including Cubic Zirconia properties and features, cubic zirconia vs diamond, etc.

What is Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic zirconia (or CZ) is a man-made gemstone that was developed in the 1970s. Note that cubic zirconia is not the same as zircon (which is a natural mineral gemstone).

It is made of zirconium dioxide, which is a colorless and hard material, while natural and lab-grown diamonds are made of carbon.

Cz stone is often used as a diamond simulant because it looks similar to diamonds and is much cheaper.

what is cubic zirconia

Cubic Zirconia could be made in a variety of different colors despite of its natural transparency. It is well-known for its sparkle and shine, which is why it is a popular choice for jewelry.

Cubic zirconia is a very durable gemstone – it is harder than most gemstones and can withstand wear and tear better than most other gemstones.

1. Cubic Zirconia Properties

It is important to know the properties and features before you make the decision to buy Cubic Zirconia stones that look real.

Chemical Name Zirconium dioxide
Chemical Formula ZrO2
Crystal System Cubic
Colors Colourless, yellow, orange, amber, brown, pink, red, lilac, violet, purple, green, blue and black
Refractive Index 2.088-2.176
Specific Gravity 5.65 - 5.95
Hardness 8.5 on the Mohs scale
Density 5.50-5.90
Specific gravity 5.50-6.00
Dispersion rating 0.058-0.066
Transparency Transparent
Birefringence None
Lustre Vitreous
Cleavage None
Fluorescence Yellow, greenish yellow or beige

2. Is Cubic Zirconia Real?

Cubic zirconia is a synthetic gem that dazzles with impressive brilliance and luster. Crafted from intense heat and the most modern laser technology, it was first created in Russia.

Cubic zirconia is a real gemstone, but it is not a natural one.

All CZs are lab-created gemstone, which means that it has the same chemical composition as a natural diamond, but it is not as rare or valuable.

From chemical properties to brilliance and color, Cubic Zirconia is entirely different from diamond.

To put it simply, cubic zirconia is an artificial diamond. It is much cheaper than real diamonds and is often used as a diamond substitute. But it is also much more durable than other gemstones.

cubic zirconia vs diamond

3. Cubic Zirconia vs. Diamond: Comparison Chart

When it comes to buying jewelry, it can be difficult to decide between cubic zirconia and diamond. To help you make your decision, here's a comparison chart:

Cubic Zirconia Diamond
CheaperExcellent value for money, while diamond will keep its value Natural
Lab-created 16"- At collarbone
Colorless Colorless, colored
reflects light reflects light
Durable Durable
75% heavier Lighter
Nearly flawless Tiny imperfections (except very expensive stones)
8.25 - 8.50 on the Mohs scale. Softer than diamond 8.5/10 Mohs vs 10/10 Mohs
Better thermal insulator than diamonds. The cubic zirconia stays cold. If you touch a diamond, it feels warm.

As you can see, the main difference between cubic zirconia and diamond is the price. Cubic zirconia is much cheaper than diamond and is often used as a diamond substitute. It is also much more durable than other gemstones.

One thing is sure that diamonds always have much higher value than Cubic zirconia with the same size.

Cubic Zirconia

4. Reasons Why You Should Buy Cubic Zirconia

If you're looking for an afforable gemstone that looks like a diamond, then cubic zirconia is the perfect choice for you. Here are some of the reasons why you should buy cubic zirconia.

1. Affordable price – Typically, Cubic zirconia is an experience that most ones could afford. It looks like a diamond but cost less. So Cubic zirconia is a great choice for those on a budget, as a perfect alternative for diamonds.

2. It's very durable – Cubic zirconia is one of the most durable gemstones out there, so it won't easily get scratched or chipped, while most gemstones are prone to getting scratches .

Remember to purchase from reputable brand if you are ready to purchase cubic zirconia jewelry that looks real like flawless diamond.

3. More styles. You won't limited to wear one Cubic Zirconia jewelry piece. Cubic Zirconia might be a great option for discovering quality alternative diamond brand like Laie.

Laie Jewelry offers all types of Cubic Zirconia jewelry in beautiful and stylish designs at affordable prices. So if you're in the market for some cz jewelry, take a look - you'll be pleasantly surprised by the selection!

4. More color options. Few gemstones are clorless, including diamond. Cubic zirconia is available in many different colors, like colorless, pure white, yewllow, green, blue, pink, purple, etc. so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Cubic Zirconia stands out from many other gems due to its high dispersion index, making it sparkle brilliantly.

5. Smaller will be more brilliance. Go for smaller cz stones. It have less sparkle and shine, comparied to larger ones.

buy Cubic zirconia

6. More elegant. Cubic Zirconia can be combined to use with gold, sterling silver or stainless steel. They will be more elegant when wearing.

7. Suitable for wearing when traveling. Feel free to wear cz jewelry when leaving home. When you are on vacation, at the beach or pool, or doing outdoor activities like hiking or skiing, consider cubic zirconia jewelry. Not worrying about it will lost or be theft.

8. Perfect for daily wear and party. Your taste will change over time. It is hard to choose diamond which last forever. But it is easy to choose Cubic Zirconia jewelry and wear it for a while. See if you like it or your friends like it. No one could tell the difference.

9. Easy to care for. Cubic Zirconia jewelry is easy to clean and maintain. For everyday wear, simply keep your Cubic Zirconia jewelry away from harsh chemicals in order to avoid tarnishing it. Keep in mind don't swimm with cz jewelry, since the chlorine in water may damage the stone. Like a diamond, clean your cubic zirconia using warm soap and water, jewelry cleaner, or ultrasonic cleaning techniques.

What to Consider When Buying Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

When buying cubic zirconia jewelry, there are a few things you should consider. Here are some of the most important ones:

Quality – Cubic zirconia can range in quality, so make sure to buy from a reputable dealer.

Cut – The cut of the gemstone will affect its sparkle and shine, so make sure to choose one with the right cut.

Color – Cubic zirconia comes in many colors, so make sure to choose one that matches your style.

Setting – The setting of the jewelry will also affect its look, so make sure to choose one that you like.


Cubic zirconia, much like real stones, is available in a variety of grades that define its quality. The best ones have an extraordinarily brilliant appearance; meanwhile, the lesser-graded counterparts tend to resemble plain glass.

Cubic zirconia are laboratory-grown gemstones based on zirconium oxide. However cubic zirconia is much more advanced than fine lead crystals.

The quality of cubic zirconia is determined by the cut, the color, the clarity, and the carat.

Like genuine stones, cubic zirconia comes in different grades which determine its quality. The highest quality of cubic zirconia has a beautiful brilliant appearance, while the lower grades look more like ordinary glass.

Laie has a large selection of cubic zirconia in various sizes, colours and cuts. Our gemstones are of high quality (A).

If you are unhappy with their stone, we offer a warranty guarantee for their cubic zirconia jewelry.

Find out if it is a diamond or a zirconia

1. Breathe on the stone.

If the stone remains foggy for a longer time, it is probably Cubic Zirconia.

If fog disappears right away, it is probably a diamond.

2. Put under natural light

CZs only give off a noticeable rainbow of colored light (excessive light dispersion).

Natural diamonds will give off more white light (brilliance).

most popular necklace length

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8. Cubic Zirconia FAQ

What is Cubic Zirconia Made Of?

Cubic zirconia is constructed from an amalgamation of zirconium oxide as well as other minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Its production begins by melting these components in a metal chamber and then raising the temperature to almost 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Removing a CZ from the metal chamber initiates the process of crystal formation. Then, the gem is cut into desired shapes like emerald-cut, oval-cut, pear-cut and so forth.

Cubic zirconia can be made available in different colors like pink, blue and green. Additionally, manufacturers are capable of producing cubic zirconia of any shade you can imagine.

To create the desired effect while manufacturing cubic zirconia, different impurities can be mixed into the product. Iron and copper are added to make it yellow, while erbium, europium or holmium produce pink cubic zirconia.

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Is Cubic Zirconia a Mineral?

It is usually referred to as a mineral, but to be classified as such it must form in the natural world. While it is possible for cubic zirconia to arise naturally, this occurrence is very rare; most of it is artificially created in a laboratory.

How Much is Cubic Zirconia?

When compared to diamonds, cubic zirconia is much more affordable. The price depends on the quality, but a 1-carat CZ can be bought for as low as $10-$20.

It is worth remembering that cubic zirconia is denser than diamonds, so a one-carat CZ will seem slightly smaller than a one-carat diamond.

Does Cubic Zirconia Tarnish or Rust?

Cubic zirconia is a great choice of jewelry because it will not corrode or discolor over time. Quality is an important factor when it comes to cubic zirconia jewelry, as low-quality metals used can tarnish or rust. Metals like copper, silver, bronze, and brass are typically used for these items and may be prone to rusting.

Does Cubic Zirconia Turn Green?

The natural stone won't change color, however if it is placed in an affordable metal such as copper, it can cause your skin to become discolored.

Can Cubic Zirconia Get Wet?

Actually, cubic zirconia can get wet but it may lead to deterioration if continuously exposed to water. Therefore, it is wise to take extra precaution when wearing this type of jewelry.

When taking a shower or swimming, it is always wise to remove any jewelry you are wearing to prevent damage. This is especially true for pieces with stones, as submerging them in water can cause harm.

Is Cubic Zirconia Hypoallergenic?

While cubic zirconia is known to be hypoallergenic, you should look at the material that it's set in if you're concerned about an allergic reaction.

Allergic reactions are commonly caused by certain metals such as nickel and copper, but cubic zirconia won't cause any reactions. It is also an inexpensive material that you can use without worrying about negative health repercussions.



9. The Bottom Line

Now that you know the basics of buying cubic zirconia jewelry, you may be wondering where to buy it. The best place to buy cubic zirconia jewelry is online. There are many reputable online stores that sell high-quality cubic zirconia jewelry at reasonable prices. if you are looking for a Cubic Zirconia jewelry vendor, earch online and check for reviews before deciding. When you purchase items online, you tend to experience less pressure as opposed to buying from a physical store. Additionally, many online stores provide discounts & promotional offers that can result in substantial savings for customers.


When it comes to buying jewelry, it can be difficult to decide between cubic zirconia and diamond. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and budget.

Cubic zirconia is a great choice for those who are looking for a gemstone that looks like a diamond but is much cheaper. It is a lab-created gemstone, so it is not as rare or valuable as a real diamond, but it is still a beautiful and durable gemstone.

Cubic zirconia is a popular diamond alternative. It's affordable, conflict-free, and looks just like a real diamond. The only drawbacks are with daily use, it will lose its shine and sparkle within a few years. That is the lack of durability.

If you choose a cubic zirconia stone for your jewelry, make sure to get a quality band made of sterling silver or stainless steel.

Most importantly, find something you love!


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