How To Choose The Right Cuban Chain Size - Exclusive Tips

What size of cuban link chain should I get?

Did you get an oversized cuban link chain before? Don't know what is your cuban chain size? Refer to our definitive cuban chain sizing guide to find your answer and never wonder again!!!


Cuban chain size may not be the first thing to take into account, but actually, it's one of the most important factors to keep in mind while shopping for a cuban necklace.

cuban chain size

You might be wondering: 

How do I find out the best thickness to buy? 

Which length should I choose?

Which cuban chain size will fit me best?

I have an 18.5-inch neck and am 5ft 9, what thickness and length chain do you suggest?

Picking the perfect necklace size can be difficult when shopping online since you can't physically try it on to see how it looks. In-store, this isn't an issue as you can try it on to check the fit.

Don't worry, with this guide, you can pick the ideal cuban chain size to ensure that you get your best fit.

We have we've tapped the best jewelry designers at Laie - Kenny and Larry, who gave us plenty of knowledge for discovering your perfect cuban chain size.

1. What Sizes of Cuban Chain are Available?

Looking for a Miami Cuban chain but don't know what is the best thickness to buy? If you answered "sort of big," "kind of small" or "umm ... I have no clue," then read on to forever solve this mystery.


Necklace width vary widely, from 1mm, 6mm, 20mm, and even 37mm respectively. The typical cuban chain size for men is around 5mm for the tennis chain or 12mm for Cuban chain, whereas the standard chain width for women is somewhere between 3mm for the tennis chain and 12mm for Cuban chain.

cuban link width

Everyone is unique, whether it comes to aesthetic or physical preferences. Even when it comes to necklaces, many people prefer something customized to fit their preferences. 

However, it's important to have the right cuban chain size if you want it to look good. 

2. How Big of a Cuban Chain Should We Buy?

To make sure your cuban necklace looks its best, you should pay attention to the width when selecting one. The appropriate cuban link width may also depend on which style you prefer.

It's better to opt for a necklace width proportional to your neck's size. For example, if you have a thick neck, then you should choose a wider chain. On the contrary, a chain between 4 mm or 9mm will fit you better when you have a slender neck. 

To put it in perspective, a 3 mm chain is as wide as the wire of a headphone, while a 5 mm is as wide as a pencil. 

If you're considering proportion and what looks most balanced on you, here is my recommendation:  

Slimmer men can wear chains that are between 9mm and 12mm, while broader chaps would look better wearing chains that are thicker, like 15mm, 17mm, 20mm, etc..

To choose the right cuban chain size, here are a few factors it may depend on.

How bold of a statement are you looking to make?

Some people prefer a thicker width or millimeter (MM) to command a room based on appearances alone. But keep in mind that with a thicker width comes a heavier weight (grams.)

Please choose 15mm Cuban link chain in width and above if you want to stand out and make the biggest statements.

If you don't want to distract from rest of your look.

For people who appreciate the power of a chain but don't need a larger size, then stick with smaller widths. 

We suggest you wear multiple smaller chains and layer up. Here recommend you the 9mm diamond necklace

If you are not familiar with the width/mm, don't worry, below is a simple visual picture that illustrates what the width of the chains would look like as compared to the size of a quarter...

Cuban Chain Size - Width compared to a quarter

cuban chain width chart

3. How to Choose the Best Cuban Chain Length?

If you're looking for a cuban chain, there are industry-standard cuban chain length available for both men and women. We've included a table and model below to explain the standard Cuban chain size in detail.

cuban chain length

Standard Cuban Chain Size for Men Standard Cuban Chain Size for Women
16"- Choker Length 16"- Choker Length
 18"- Base of the neck (for smaller neck sizes) 16"- At collarbone
20"- To collarbone (most common length for average men) 20"- A few inches below collarbone
22"- A few inches below the collarbone 22"- At or above the neckline
24"- A few inches above the sternum 24"- Below the neckline

Though dangling chains from the 80s and 90s come back into style every now and then, now chains just below the neck tend to be popular. In this case, we recommend shorter length chains for the time being.

For example, you can go for buying a cuban link with lengths between 18 and 22 inches, which will hang down between the bottom of your neck and the bottom of your chest. This is a recommendation for those who still want to look fashionable.

Anything shorter will start to look like a choker, and anything longer might look a bit dated for the current trends.

Visual look of different cuban chain size 

The image below shows how you can expect different lengths or necklaces would fall on an average men's body in comparison to other sizes.

Keep in mind that everyone's body is different, so a certain cuban link chain length that may fit one person may not work for someone else.

most popular necklace length

4. Best Cuban Chain Size for Your Body Type

To choose the right cuban chain size, you should consider your height, neck size and overall body type, as these factors can affect how a particular necklace style or length is going to lay. 

A necklace is likely to draw attention to the area of the body that it hits, so keep this in mind when shopping for necklaces. 

A chain for a man should be about 20 inches long. The length will typically fall between the first and second buttons of his shirt. This will ensure the necklace is not too long, but also won't get caught in his shirt collar. 

The length should also take into account his height, face shape, and neck size. There are a few ways to determine what cuban chain size a man should wear.  

cuban link chain length

Choose the Best Cuban Chain Size For Your Body

Below, I will share the steps to choose a chain that looks good on your figure, in order to find your suitable cuban chain size. 

First, fit your height

If you're in the 5'4" range and you feel like it weighs you down visually, you can opt for an 18-inches. If you are tall, wear 24 inches or above, since the less room the chain takes up on your body, which makes it less of a statement piece.

Then, determine your face shape

If you're broadly built, go for a 22-inch chain. 

  • Your face shape can make a huge difference in the length of a chain. According to experts, short chains can overshadow your features, making your face appear wider and shorter than it is. 
  • Medium chain lengths are good for round faces because they elongate your face and add length to your neck.    
  • Longer chains are perfect for round faces because they flatter the face and give your face the length it needs.

Last, consider your neck length

Men with long necks can wear a long necklace. 

5. Best Chain Length for a Man with Pendant

First, you should choose the correct cuban chain size for your pendant.

It's not appropriate to use an overly long chain since it will end up looking awkward. 

Then, you should consider the material of the chain.

If the chain is made of silver, it will be more durable.

At last, the best chain length for a pendant is 20 to 24-inch piece.

This length will be suitable for most men. It should fall just below the collarbone, but it should be able to balance the pendant's weight. 

It's too long for most women, but it's appropriate for men with a V-neck. It can be worn inside or outside the shirt.

Also, you can wear a dog tag or cross pendant. A longer necklace is more visible and comfortable than a shorter one.

6. How to Measure Necklace Length?

To estimate your cuban chain size, locate a piece of string and cut it to the desired length. Measure the string and select the closest chain length.

how to measure necklace length

Remember, the final length may be slightly longer as the chain length on our website does not include the pendant.

Please Note: This size guide is only for your reference as sizing and fit may vary from person to person. 

If you need special sizing, please email for pricing.

7. Gold Chain Weight - How Heavy is a Gold Chain?

There are a few ways to determine the exact weight of your Cuban link chain. This information will help you make a wise decision.

You can weigh your chain by using a digital scale or by hand. If you're planning to make a custom order, you can weigh your chain yourself, but you should also know that the exact weight may differ. The chain's weight will depend on the cuban chain size including its length and width.

A typical Cuban chain is around 22 inches long and 6.5 millimeters wide.

This type of chain weighs 81 grams. A chain that weighs more than three grams is too heavy. 

However, you can still make your purchase in a way that makes it lighter. 

The weight of the chain will vary a lot between the two different chains. For example, you can choose a chain with less width.

Weight is a big factor when choosing cuban chain. Light chains can be layered easily with other jewelry, whereas thicker, heavier chains are more likely to be worn as a statement piece.

8. Discover Cuban Chains at Laie

Choosing a high-quality cuban chain is preferable to cheap ones. Many people assume that they must spend a lot of money to find an authentic piece, but there are many affordable alternatives that are just as nice.  

Solid gold and diamonds, for example, are expensive because they are rare and difficult to mine. Likewise, the quality of cubic zirconia diamonds is superior to diamonds.

gold chain sizes

At Laie, we offer a wide range of men's gold-plated chains and necklaces including high-quality chains in 14k yellow gold, white gold and more in a range of different lengths. 

9. Cuban Chain Size Related FAQs

Is a 22-inch chain too long?

A 22-inch chain is just a little longer than the average 20-inch length, which means a bigger cuban chain size. The added length provides a relaxed feel and extra breathing room for your neck. The right length for you depends on your height, torso length, and body type. In general, the chain will fall below your collarbone. This makes it comfortable to wear outside a shirt or tucked in.

Does thickness of a chain affect its length?

Yes, cuban chain size really matters. The general rule of thumb is that the thinner the chain, the shorter it should be, and the thicker it is, the longer it should be. But, you you can absolutely wear a small chain with long length if you wanted to. 

Can we wear different lengths of chain at the same time?

Of course, you can rock more than one chain for a trendy layered look, and there are numerous combinations to choose from. 

For instanse, pair a thin, shorter chain with a pendant and a medium-length chain without a pendant, then  add a longer and thicker chain with a pendant. 

Try to play around with different cuban chain sizes to achieve your desired layered look. Make sure it is in right cuban chain size and it suits your body type at first.    

Which color of cuban should I choose?

For the color, the most common colors for cuban chains are gold, white gold, and rose gold. White gold is a good choice because of its modern look and shine, while rose gold incorporates a pinkish tint. Make sure that you choose the right color to match your outfit.


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