Objectified: Rap’s Obsession With Bling Watch

It's no secret that the iced watch is everywhere in hip-hop culture. But what exactly does the bling watch represent, and why are rappers so obsessed with them? In this article, you'll learn the real story behind the iced watch's importance to hip-hop culture.

Read on to discover the reasons behind the iced watch's popularity and why some of the world's best rappers were called out for wearing diamond watches.


1. Iced watch is everywhere in hip hop culture

There's no denying that the iced watch has made an impact on hip hop culture. Future has even rapped about owning one in the Louvre. While the typical price of an iced watch is less than $20, models can cost as much as $1 million or more.

The watch has become a symbol of wealth and class, representing both old and new money. However, some critics say the iced watch may not be as cool as it appears.

bling watch

The iced watch is a popular accessory for rappers, who often wear them to represent their status. This style of watch is also commonly worn by actors and directors.

Famous iced watches can be spotted on the wrists of famous rap artists, including Gucci Mane, Future, and Young Thug. While some people have a tendency to wear expensive watches, many people have a more affordable watch.

Since the beginning of rap music, rappers have worn extravagant ornaments. The diamond-studded eye patch worn by English trailblazer Slick Rick and a gold rope chain thick enough to hold a real anchor were among the most iconic examples of iced watches.

In fact, the iced watch has been around as long as the rappers' standard gear. However, with the recession affecting record sales and live concerts, the popularity of the iced watch has skyrocketed.

2. What do bling watches represent?

What do bling watches represent for rappers and their music? Rappers and the jewelry they wear have a long and rich history. In the early 90s, the bling movement was making hip-hop music a little slower and less explosive.

But as the hip-hop industry expanded, the rappers and their music became multi-million and even billion-dollar industries. Rappers like 50 Cent and Lil Wayne brought a new evolution to the jewelry industry. Rappers were using their diamond chains to represent their status and wealth.

iced out watch

Rappers also reference Rolex watches. Some rappers have even named their albums after the brand. However, rappers have long referenced Rolex watches even without mentioning the ticking clocks.

In fact, the history of Rolex as a status symbol predates the hip-hop genre. Rappers often use their jewelry and watches as a way to remark on their wealth.

Previously, rapping was a struggle for the rappers. Consequently, bling is a status symbol and often symbolizes escape.

Rappers often reference their watches in songs, introducing them to their younger audience. This way, they connect the brand with their culture and lifestyle. It also helps to increase the value of the bling watch. This means more success for the rappers. The more bling they wear, the better their music will be.

3. The Truth Behind why watch is important in Hip Hop

In hip hop culture, it's no secret that watches are a key element of the culture. While they aren't the top priority, they help hip hop artists establish their status as luxury socialites.

Wearing the right type of watch says you have a certain level of taste and understanding of style. It's no wonder that many hip hop artists are turning to specific European watchmakers for their watches.

When it comes to adornment, most men wear a wedding ring and a watch. While these are traditional options for men, the hip-hop world is much different than other cultures.

For example, a rap artist may wear a different style of watch depending on his lifestyle, and a woman may wear a different one altogether. Ice Cold explains these differences in the hip-hop world, which he first featured in the Summer 2021 issue of XXL magazine.

Many hip hop artists have used watches to show off their wealth, and it's no surprise that they wear diamond-set timepieces. In fact, hip-hop artists are now known for their taste in watches and jewelry.

Jay Z is one of the most famous hip-hop artists in the world, and his collection of luxury watches includes diamond-set pieces.

4. Top Rappers Called Out For Wearing Diamond Watches

Rappers are not the only ones who flaunt diamond watches. Rappers like Lil Durk, DMX and Lil Baby are no strangers to shady watch-dealing. Their recent statements about fake diamond watches have led some fans to accuse them of stealing their money. The following are some of the most well-known rappers who are known for flaunting their luxury watches.

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Some rappers have been called out for wearing fake jewelry, like Tekashi 6ix9ine. The rapper has admitted to wearing fake gold jewelry, and has also been caught on camera wearing gold jewelry.

The rapper Kevin Gates has been accused of wearing fake diamond jewelry, as well. The rapper also admitted that he once got robbed and was given a fake diamond watch. The story made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Hip-hop culture has always had a connection with luxury brands and hip-hop artists wear them to show off their wealth. The Sugarhill Gang and DMX were among the first artists to wear diamond-encrusted timepieces, but the trend now includes rappers like Drake and Lil Baby.

Today, most luxury brands are linked with hip-hop. One of the best examples of a hip-hop jewellery store is Icebox Atlanta.

5. Follow the rappers to wear popular iced out watch

Hip-hop artists are starting to embrace high-end brands and upscale watches, but they are not all wearing the same models. Many of them are sticking to niche brands, showing refined taste in the process.

For example, Future, Gucci Mane, and Young Thug have all been spotted wearing Patek Philippe, which scored 869 mentions on Twitter. Souley Boy also mentions the watch on his Twitter page.

Pusha-T referred to the Rolex Daytona in his song "Infinite," a reference to the brand's most popular watch. The watch itself costs more than $20,000, but Pusha-T reportedly sold it for $11 million in 2016.

He also refers to the oversaturated rap music industry. But despite the high price, many fans are thrilled to see their favorite rapper rocking a watch that can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The iced out watch trend has become incredibly popular among hip-hop celebrities. Rappers like Gucci Mane wear iced out watches and frequently upgrade their collections.

The rapper recently dropped a million dollars on a new Hublot watch and bought his wife a 60-carat diamond. This is one of the reasons the rappers are so popular in the hip hop community. If you want to look like a rapper in the hottest jewelry trend, follow the stars.

6. Where You Can Find Similar Popular Bling Watch

While many rappers have a hefty budget, the most expensive bling watch in the world doesn't necessarily have to be a Cartier. The AP watch is a classic example of this type of timepiece, and is widely available in the fashion market.

In fact, it is one of the most popular watches on the planet, and is often worn by rap stars like 21 Savage, Rick Ross, and Travis Scott.

bling watch

It is no surprise that many of the most famous rappers are big fans of Rolex. Many of them even boast a collection worth millions of dollars. Jay-Z, for example, owns a Rolex Explorer II, a Paul Newman Daytona, a Rolex Royal Oak, and several Patek Philippes. The rap star is also known to own vintage Casio G-Shocks..

Future is the hottest rap star today. He makes tons of money through his music, endorsement deals, and concerts. In addition to his lucrative music career, the rap star has also entered the fashion industry.

The fall 2016 issue of HQ Style featured Future wearing a nice looking Rolex. Future likes to dress elegantly, and a Rolex is a classic design that complements his style.

7. Conclusion

The Iced Watch is fast becoming a rap icon. Various rappers have been spotted wearing diamonds and luxury watch brands.

The rappers also often appear on red carpets, which have become a walking advertisement for the luxury brands. Rappers have become the face of conspicuous consumption and have been portrayed as exemplifying the culture of materialism. Rappers often make extravagant purchases and wear them to show off their wealth.



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