How to Buy a Diamond Tennis Bracelet

A bracelet is a fashion piece of jewelry usually worn on the wrist. As you probably know, bracelets are of different types. However, there seems to be none as esteemed as Tennis Bracelets. Tennis Bracelets have a symmetrical arrangement of diamonds on thin metal.

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It doesn't matter whether you are a fashion guru. Choosing the right tennis bracelet can be challenging. We have compiled this simple guide to help you find the perfect match for your fashion preference.

What Is a Tennis Bracelet?

A Tennis Bracelet is a combination of diamonds arranged on a thin metal chain.
Tennis Bracelet got its name through Chris Evert, a Tennis player who lost her diamond bracelet during a sports activity.

Because she valued it so much, she requested to put the game on hold so that she could find her missing diamond bracelet. This single act of Evert spells the uniqueness of a tennis bracelet.

Tennis Diamond Bracelets are different from other bracelets. They are made of diamonds that naturally sparkle and leave a unique brightness around the wrist.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Tennis Bracelets

Choosing what tennis bracelet to buy can be overwhelming, especially with the multiple designs on the market. Here are four factors that would help you make a choice that matches your fashion sense.

1. Quality of the Diamond

The quality of the diamond is a critical factor you can't afford to trivialize. The diamond's quality determines the sparkling rate of your tennis bracelet. The best way to confirm the quality of the diamond on a bracelet is to check the clarity, color, cut, and carat. Read on to know how each affects your tennis diamond.

  • Clarity

Check for internal scratches that are not readily feasible to the eye. Internal scratches reduce the reflective capacity of diamonds. Only a microscope can help you detect this anomaly.

  • Color

After confirming clarity, check the shade of color on the diamond. A tennis bracelet comes with a translucent gem. Usually, non-tennis bracelets are yellowish or brown.

  • Cut

Cut signifies the shape of the diamond. The common shape of tennis bracelets is round. However, on rare occasions, some come with an oval shape.

  • Carat

Your bracelet's carat is the size of the gen. Depending on how elegant you want your tennis bracelet, you can go for a small-sized carat or a bigger one.

2. Design of the Base Metal

Every Tennis Bracelet has diamonds held together by base metal. The base metal brings out the structure of tennis bracelets and comes in either white or traditional gold. Usually, the choice of the metal base color depends on individual preference.

The traditional diamond bracelets are classy and give a traditional feeling with an elegant look. A gold medal bracelet goes well with warm tones. On the contrary, white tends to make a better match for all skin tones.

If you use a tennis bracelet every day, gold and platinum will be a better option. Platinum would make an excellent fit for people who wear their bracelets every day without minding the high cost.

However, considering price and durability, white gold tends to be more durable and cheaper than gold yellow. With the current market trends, platinum is the most expensive of all.

3. Size of the Bracelets

A diamond bracelet should fit perfectly around the wrist. It should neither be too loose nor tight. The question now is - how can you get the perfect size for your wrist? It is pretty straightforward. Below is a step-by-step guide you can follow.

Step One

Get a flexible measuring tape or a ribbon wrapped around your wrist and take the reading.

Step Two

Add a breathing allowance of about half an inch to your wrist measurement

Step Three

After getting your correct wrist measurement, find a bracelet with your wrist measurement.

Someone may ask, "What if I'm buying it for someone else?" In that case, you can follow this thumb rule. Generally, seven to seven and a half inches fits on women. For a man, your pick should be between eight and nine inches. Suppose the thumb rule fails. You could still get a jeweler to add or remove from the joints to fit the person's wrist.

4. The Reputation of the Retailer

The last thing you want is to get a low-quality tennis bracelet after ordering for a classic design and quality. Hence, after considering other factors, ensure you pick a retailer that sells each item at the right price.

Another idea is to consider a retailer with longstanding credibility for providing high-quality jewelry - of course, at a moderate price.

Most importantly, the retailer should be able to provide you with a guarantee.

Suppose things go south. You can trust to get a bracelet replacement.

Tennis Bracelets Styles and Trends

Tennis Bracelets come in different styles. When buying a tennis bracelet, it would be best to choose the stylish modern type. As we said earlier, consider your preferred design and size.

Something you are sure will resonate with your fashion sense. That said, let's talk about a few trending styles.

More often than not, women rock rose gold and heart-shaped bracelets. The heart-shaped diamond makes bracelets more unique, especially with nice outfits. Another trending style is the white gold-finished diamond bracelet. There is this unique look it gives that no other design can match.

Finally, the yellow gold diamond style or white gold style will make a good impression in partitions and other classic outings. It comprises a feminine color and is an ideal design for parties. Its thinly lined diamond makes it unique and a perfect choice for regular outings.

Wrap Up

Tennis Bracelets will always be relevant in the world of fashion. Before buying for yourself, remember to check the quality of the diamond, the design of the base metal, the size of the bracelet, and the retailer's reputation.

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Suppose you are buying for someone else. Our rule of thumb should be helpful.

If it doesn't go well, you can have a jeweler make some adjustments.