The History of Hip Hop Jewelry

Jewelry is part of hip hop culture which is a common thing among celebrities nowadays which symbolizes their status. Flashy chains, bracelets and rings are used to show off their wealth and status.

The more precious the piece, the rarer the material used and the stones put in it; in this way, the social rank of the individual could be directly tied to the gems he is wearing.

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Apart from admiring the diamonds for their beauty and status, they imbued them with their personalities, spiritual values, and meanings, making them indispensable amulets for the wearer.

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Natural objects were employed as ornaments by our forefathers to emphasize their personalities back then. Some stones were employed as talismans and ornaments that distinguished one from the other, i.e., they were utilized as gems, due to their rarity (more difficult to obtain) or beauty (brightness and colors).

Bones, teeth, shells, fangs, and other such items were the earliest jewels, and while they are still used today, they began to lose favor in favor of stones found in riverbeds or underground. These priceless stones were held in such high regard that mining for their extraction was developed.

With the discovery of metal, things changed quickly, technology advanced, and the method of mining precious stones changed as well. In addition to the artisan workshop dedicated to the manufacturing of true works of art, stamping as a new technique is gaining traction. Due to innovative jewelry working processes, the jewelry trade has touched a wide range of people from various social classes.

Jewels still have a distinct connotation now, though it is largely anecdotal. People will wear jewelry commemorating their birth month, engagement, and other milestones; we have done so since ancient times. Because there is jewelry for all tastes and budgets, the usage of jewelry has evolved and has progressively gone from being able to be used only by the most powerful classes to being highly prevalent and accessible to all.

Hip hop's progress has occurred during the previous 50 years, making it one of the newest musical genres developed by some of the finest and most successful personalities in music and business history. As the genre progressed, so did rappers' personal style, with a preference for showy and sparkling gold chains for guys, as well as bracelets, rings, and watches.

As more women enter the hip hop industry, we're seeing a shift in how rappers wear their greatest bling, but these are some of the most significant figures who have influenced our hip hop jewelry style for years.


Run DMC was the first hip hop group to have a gold record, and they were one of the first to attain worldwide success in the 1980s. Run DMC popularized the gold chain look in public culture, thanks to his elaborate Adidas apparel and love of rope chain design. Everyone with a Run DMC album was seeking for a way to get that string string appearance.

The rope chain is one of many types of gold chains. It is made up of several thin gold strands that have been woven together to create a rope-like appearance. This style is still popular today, despite being considered more of an old school look. Don't be deceived, though.

Run DMC also rocked some of the fanciest styles of that era with their gold sneakers created for them by Adidas and a variety of other eye-catching rings, watches, and bracelets.

The infamous BIG

Notorious BIG, arguably the most important rapper when it comes to popularizing gold chains, designed the now-famous piece of Jesus. This was a great time for hip hop when Biggie started to get big. Artists were receiving more attention than ever before, and they were achieving enormous success as a result.

Biggie is widely regarded as one of the first musicians to focus his music on the good life and success that many great rappers were enjoying, yet much of his music also touches on more profound feelings and experiences.

Tito el Jeweler developed his original piece of Jesus, for which he paid € 10,574.00. Every time he released a new album, Jay-Z would wear one of these original Jesus pieces as a kind of ritualistic good luck amulet.

LL Cool J

LL Cool J is a rapper who is well-known for his Ladies I'm a huge fan of Cool J's drug empire. This hugely successful '80s rapper was a big fan of the string-string style, but he didn't stop there with his stylistic advancements. LL Cool J was one of the first rappers to adopt the four-finger ring style, ensuring that everyone who saw him knew he was a talented dancer.

Cool J may have been one of the hardest rappers of his era, but with his smash tune "I Need Love," which reached # 9 on Billboard's top 100 in 1996, he wasn't hesitant to display his more sensitive side. It was one of the few rap songs at the time to even chart, making it one of the few rap songs to ever do so.

There have been a lot of influential rappers that have changed the way we wear gold chains and other jewelry, but these four are some of the most well-known individuals who have introduced new styles and popularized underappreciated pieces. With dozens of different designs of gold chains and Jesus piece pendants for every type of dancer, Laie Jewelry has a comprehensive range of men's gold chains to help you make some of these popular trends your own.

It's an art to rock hip hop jewelry like a boss. You must understand which styles will complement your wardrobe and how to blend many accessories. You'll also need some of the greatest gold chains for men. You don't have to spend a lot of money on hip hop jewelry to look like the biggest rappers in the world, but you should shop with a trustworthy firm that sells high-quality items to ensure that your chains last.

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It's not just about showcasing your brilliance; it's also about showcasing your success, which is why so many rappers stack on the chains. Isn't it true that the more chains you have, the wealthier you should be? The layers, however, have a limit. You want it to appear useful, and you want to be able to view each string. It is not gangsta to wear as many chains as your neck can support. You want to strike a balance between looking like a fly and appearing foolish.

Depending on length, size, and thickness, the key to properly layering your chains is to maintain them between three and six chains. The length of each of your chains must be different. You won't be able to differentiate one from the other if you wear a bunch of men's gold chains that are all the same length, which will reduce their appeal and maybe cause them to tangle.

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