Purchasing a Cuban Link Chain: Everything You Need to Know

Cuban link chains have become popular in recent years due to their versatility and style. They are beautiful and can be worn in different formal and casual outfits. However, before purchasing one, you must know what type of Cuban link chain you want and where you plan on wearing it. This article will go over everything you need to know before purchasing a Cuban link chain to make an informed decision.

The 14mm two tone cuban chain is a new type of cuban link chain popularity among hip hop fans, which differs from the classical form of cuban chain less rounded and carefully worked out.

Table of Contents

1. What is a Cuban link chain?

2. Why are Cuban link chains so expensive?

3. How to choose the best Cuban links

4. Best 5 Cuban chains link to buy in 2022

5. Bottom Line Recommendation: Finding Your Cuban links

6. Tips for styling your Cuban Link Chain

7. How to take care of Cuban links

What is a Cuban link chain?

A Cuban link chain is bold and eye-catching jewelry that can go well with any wardrobe. It can be described as an attractive piece of jewelry made of tiny round links. It is usually worn around the neck as part of a necklace or bracelet and comes in different lengths.

This type of chain is becoming increasingly popular, but not many people are familiar with what it is or how it works. The most notable feature of Cuban link jewelry is often a circular section that can be opened and closed like a jump ring, but it is not always there. The Cuban link chain is made with precious metals and is highly regarded as one of the most expensive and prestigious types of jewelry chains on earth.

Why are Cuban link chains so expensive?

The Cuban link chain has long been worn by men of all ages, from Hollywood stars to sports icons. However, they are quite expensive, which is justifiable due to their unique features. According to Business Insiders, Cuban link chains are expensive because they are symbols of wealth and luxury. The fact is that they are usually real gold; they typically have actual heft and will last your whole life. However, at the moment, you can find cheaper options with high quality materials from Laie Jewelry.

How to choose the best Cuban links

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best Cuban chain link.

1. Clasp Matters: In a Cuban chain, the clasp is just as important as the links that make up the chain. Some clasps are difficult or awkward to work with and should be avoided if possible. Choose a clasp that you like and can use for years.

2. Materials: One thing that is not often discussed regarding Cuban link chains is the material of the links. Most people don't know there are two main kinds of chain materials used in making Cuban chain jewelry; gold and silver, with a few variations on each kind. These choices affect the appearance and feel of the chain, so it is best to know exactly what you want from a chain before purchasing just as much as any other piece of jewelry.

3. Weight: What most people don't know about the weight of a Cuban link chain is that it has a lot to do with its durability. While the actual weight does not impact whether or not the chain will fit around your neck, it is a good indicator of the overall quality. The heavier the Cuban link chain, the better quality of the metal and stones used in its construction. If you want a piece that you can proudly wear for years, look for one made from heavier materials.

4. Nickel-Free: Choose a Cuban chain that is Nickel-free. Nickle, although a metal that has been widely used in jewelry-making, is quite toxic. It has been linked to health problems like skin rashes and allergic reactions. To avoid these potential issues, ensure you purchase a Cuban chain with Nickel-free metal components.

5. Width Matters: The width of the chain matters when determining the piece's look. For example, a thin Cuban chain may look best when paired with a pendant; likewise, a wide Cuban chain will stand out against simpler clothing and accessories. 

6. Length matters: A Cuban chain's length is the most important factor when choosing one. Unlike most chains, which measure their length by the number of links, Cuban chains are measured by the total inches of chain. 

Best 5 Cuban chains link to buy in 2022

14mm prong Cuban chain: If you are looking for the quintessential chain, it is hard to go wrong with the 14mm prong Cuban link chain. Classically rugged and equally versatile, 14mm prong chains are traditionally considered men's jewelry, but they work just as well on women's wrists. Popularly paired with diamond tennis bracelets, these chains create a sharp contrast when combined with simple wedding bands.

12mm Miami Cuban Link Necklace: 12mm Miami Cuban link necklace is truly an authentic piece of jewelry. The intricate beading is terrific and adds to the overall value of the necklace. You will find it comfortable on your neck; you might even forget that you are wearing it until people start complimenting you.

18mm Men's Cuban Link Chain: These 18mm Men's Cuban Link Chains are an affordable alternative to the traditional large link chains. Made of the highest quality gold, these chains are super smooth and come in different lengths so that you can mix, match, or wear them together.

4. 15mm Infinity Cuban Link Chain: The 15mm Infinity Cuban Link Chain is an excellent choice for a man looking for an eye-catching, high-quality chain at an affordable price. The 15mm length and Infinity design make it ideal for pairing with larger pieces or wearing on its own as an everyday statement piece.

5. 20mm diamond prong Cuban link: The 20mm diamond prong Cuban link chain is the finest. Its features distinguish it from its counterparts, including smaller links that are less likely to catch on clothing and get snagged on door handles, zippers, and other obstacles. This feature adds elegance, formality, and strength, which can be helpful for anyone who wears their chain in an active environment or around children or pets.

5. Bottom Line Recommendation: Finding Your Cuban links

Cuban links are typically found in jewelry stores, specialty boutiques, and online retail sites. While they tend to be pricier than most other chain types, they are also far more durable. This means you will need to buy fewer chains in your lifetime and won't have to worry about them breaking or tarnishing over time. Online stores like Laie Jewelry offer some of the best jewelry in terms of quality, style, authenticity, customer service, and price. In addition, you can purchase directly from our website, where we offer fast shipping.

The best selling two tone Diamond Prong Cuban Chain Necklace is now available in our unique two-tone (White/Rose colorway). It features hand-set, prong-lifted stones that shine from all angles.

Tips for styling your Cuban Link Chain

It is easy to get lost in style options. Do not stress about how you should wear your Cuban link chain; instead, consider these basic style tips when choosing one for yourself. Have multiple Cuban link chains on hand so you can swap them out depending on your outfit or mood. Match your Cuban link chain with other jewelry, such as necklaces and bracelets of different styles and metals. We recommend buying each separately, so they match nicely but don't look too matched.

Keep it short and wear it around your neck or hang it from your belt loop; it looks great no matter how you style it! To ensure your necklace stays in place, use a thin leather strap or ribbon that can be tied around whatever part of your body will hold up your chain without slipping off.

How to take care of Cuban links

Cuban links, if properly taken care of, can last for decades and still look as good as new. Here are five ways to keep your Cuban links looking new for years to come.

1. Keep them clean: This implies using warm water and gentle soap to regularly wipe off dirt and grime. If you have a filthy Cuban link chain, you might need a cleaning agent designed specifically for jewelry and watches.

2. Dry them with care: This means patting them dry with a soft cloth or paper towel once they are washed. Never blow or use moisture-absorbing material to dry. Doing so could potentially damage your Cuban links by causing rust or molding on your links.

3. Never wear them while doing strenuous activities because they may accidentally get snagged on something and break apart.

4. Always store your Cuban links in their original box when not in use, or at least wrap each link separately in cloth before putting it away.

5. Lastly, be careful about what you wear them with. Don't mix different types of metals; typically, only platinum and gold are considered alloys that go well together.