The Ultimate Guide To Wearing a Cuban Link Chain

Although there is plenty of jewelry in the market, the Cuban chain seems to have more popularity. The fashion signature has lived up to its fame in the fashion industry. Not alone is it well-admired in the hip-hop cycle. The continuous innovation to the design is fast grabbing attention amongst all. Best of all, it fits well on dresses across several walks of life - from corporate wear to casual attires. When you pair them well with other outfits, they grab attention right away.

As a well-admired ornament, it has evolved into a wide range of designs and innovations that it may be overwhelming to choose. There are variants made from silver, copper, gold, diamond, and other materials. Similarly, the chain comes in different sizes too. This review will guide you into everything on how to make the beat of the all-time fashion signature.

What is a Cuban Link?

A Cuban link is an all-time classic chain worn as a necklace. Although it comes in various designs, all variants are interlocked metals made into broad yet attractive patterns. The design features a continuous link of interlocked metal to give a perfect circular chain around the neck.

Over the years, Cuban links have grown beyond a regular ornamental piece in the market. It significantly enhances the overall look and sends a perfect message about the wearer's personality. More than that, its durability is top-notch. Except for the joy of having several jewelry pieces, you are not likely to need more Cuban chains in a lifetime. 

The fashion signature has evolved through varieties of innovation in its designs, lock patterns, materials, and sizes. These numerous innovation has brought the accessory through several stages of sophistication and wide global acceptance.

This continuous improvement to the design explains why there are numerous variants of the ornament in the market. Like other accessories, Cuban links come in various sizes. The regular masculine types are thick, broad, and long. On the other hand, those mostly worn by women are thin and more classy. 

That said, you only get that "out of the box" look when you play the games correctly - choose the right variant and pair them well with other accessories. First things first, how do you make the right choice? Read on to find out.

What Cuban Chain Should I Choose?

With the surplus designs and specifications of Cuban chains in the market, finding an ideal variant can be overwhelming. Here are four ideas to consider to make a perfect purchase.

 1. The Material Specifications

Cuban chains have different varieties of gold, silver, platinum, and diamond. Each of these materials leaves different effects on our appearance. We all have a preferred dressing and ornamental style - something we believe enhances our look.

Thus, your first step to making the right choice is to consider the material specification. How well will it enhance your appearance? Whatever design of the Cuban chain you are choosing should complement and augment your style significantly. 

Those who prioritize the brilliance of their look and love to show off will find a good fit in diamond Cuban chains. Silver and platinum are most appropriate for conserved people who prefer simple yet amazing ornamentation. On the other hand, if looking bold and moderately classic is your thing, a gold-made Cuban chain will make a perfect match. 

So, review your dressing and ornamentation checklist and pick a material that fits your taste.

2. Size of the Collar  

Size is a factor that you can't overlook in your choice of Miami Cuban chains. Generally, ornament sizes fit differently for different people. One feature that distinguishes the Cuban chain from other ornaments is its thickness. The thicknesses range from the broad types to the smaller ones.

It is masculine to want your chain wider and bigger than usual. Thankfully, Cuban chains' thickness ranges in different millimeters. So there are enough options to pick from.

Another defining feature is the collar length. You can have a pick from the long collar variants or the shorter ones. Most men prefer the broad and long types since they enhance their tough and elegant instinct. On the other hand, thinner chains appear more pleasing to women. And like we said earlier, all these peculiarities are dependent on individual preference.  

3. Age

Even though ornamentation is common to all, the sense of taste is not the same for all age groups. Energetic young girls and boys often desire Cuban chains that enhance that personality. For that age category, a diamond-made variant will make a perfect fit. To appear more bold and classy, you may pick from those with colored stones.

Middle-aged folks mostly prefer simple designs of the silver-made types. Another idea is to check how different Miami Cuban chains fit people across several age groups.

Learning from their fashion sense, you may find a headway. Whichever route you take, knowing what fits into your age category is pretty an excellent way to choose rightly.

4. Price

Prices of ornaments often signify their material specifications and qualities. Making a budget would significantly help your choice. It would at least hasten the process. You won't stay confused in malls jumping from one item to another.

As a general rule, designs made of pure gold cost more than copper-made ones. But, be careful not to buy a gold-plated chain, thinking it is pure gold. Always checkmate the prices with the material specifications. 

How to Pair Your Miami Cuban Link

An appealing dress sense is not just the work of an ornament. The work is done when the Cuban link matches other outfits. So how do you kill the pair? Read on to find out.

 1. Color

 Although Cuban links are pretty adaptable on varieties of dress, some combinations tend to make more fashion sense. First off, wearing a Cuban chain on flashy and multi-colored dresses often steals its regular striking appearance on the neck. Similarly, a patterned shirt will always make a good impression, but not with a chain link. Visually, patterned dresses do not allow chains to come out in their full force.

A better pair would be your chain on a semi-colored shirt. Such combinations give the Miami Cuban chain more visibility. It is even better with single-colored clothing like red or black. Those are neutral colors that chains of silver, gold, copper, and diamond will easily match up against. Golden chains also match well with black colors.

 2. Other Pieces of Jewelry

 No doubt, Cuban chains are great ornaments. But, you could take the pairing beyond using them on solid-colored wear. They tie up well with other pieces of ornaments like earrings, bracelets, rings, and even regular wristwatches. These additional jewelry pieces will pick up the work from where the chain stops.

However, it is more appealing when you keep the material specification uniform. Could you imagine wearing a golden chain link on silver-made earrings and bracelets? Quite frankly, that doesn't make much of a fashion sense. The pairing is better to the extent every piece of jewelry agrees.

For instance, if you prefer diamond chains, you might want to wear them together with rings and earrings made of diamond. That way, you can be sure no piece of jewelry will overshadow the other. They'll all be visible to the viewers and observers. 

3.  Pair with Other Chains

Whether in movies or outings, you've probably admired people wearing multiple chains in a single outfit. Combining two or three chain links could also make a unique way to catch public attention. Since it's not an everyday thing, you are likely to stand out, especially in semi-colored clothing. Trust me, this is a classy Cuban chain idea you don't want to miss out on. 

Let's Rock the Latest Cuban Link Trends!

Now that you have a firm grasp of what Miami Cuban chains are and how to make your pick let's wrap it up with how to rock the latest trends.

The first idea is to keep your pairs classic yet simple. Don't wear plenty of ornaments at a go. Simplicity would mean pairing a golden wristwatch with a similar bracelet on the other hand.

More importantly, stick to a single metal. The pairing could even be more striking with a pair of golden-plated cuff links. If you are an urban or casual wear fan, there are excellent pairs that will match a t-shirt and jeans combo.

A solid Cuban will announce your appearance better, especially the iced-out designs with muted tones on single colors like white, green, and brown.  

Also, spice up the style. Cruise your chain with nice footwear and hoodies from the likes of Adidas and Nike.

Wrap Up 

Cuban chains leave great looks with the perfect pairing. They have evolved over the years in several designs and specifications. The right choice should consider the material specification, size of the collar, and age.

But, more than choosing the right design, it is important to pair Cuban chains well with other ornaments and attire. Three great ideas are to choose the right color, pair it with other jewelry pieces, and combine multiple chains.