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The first idea of Laie came from the inspiration at 2010 in USA. This article indicates the origin of Laie and 5 Reasons To Buy Your Rapper Jewelry From Laie Jewelry.

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1. The unknown story behind Laie

2. Top 5 Reasons to Buy Laie Rapper Jewelry

3. Shine Best with Laie

1. The unknown story behind Laie

Have you shocked by the creative jewelry design ideas from Laie? Will you still hold your enthusiasm to Laie company? Check the unknown story behind Laie! In 2010, we first saw the landscape of urban jewelry scene in Torrance, USA.

The bling was everywhere and we were in love with the hip hop lifestyle. It was so different from our small town back home and we felt like we finally fit in somewhere. We loved going to the clubs and dancing all night, surrounded by people who shared our love for hip hop.

One day, we met a guy at one of the clubs. He was tall, dark and handsome, and he seemed to share our love for hip hop music. We started talking about how bling jewelry changes our life and how we are so eager to find the affordable hip hop jewelry to dress like super stars.

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We started talking about how bling jewelry changes our life and how we are so eager to find the affordable hip hop jewelry to dress like super stars. The relationship between the world of hip-hop and precious stones' jewelers runs deeper than the surface. These fashion accessories are revered as a display of affluence and ingrained culture.

It's hard to believe that something as small as jewelry can change our life, but it's true. Just think about all of the celebrities who wear expensive bling. It definitely changes the way people look at them and how they're treated.

But what if you could get the same effect without spending a fortune? The prices of ice are exuberant for the modest earner, and this is why we present you with an insanely attractive, healthy, and affordable option to keep up with the culture and embrace the trend.

That's why Laie was born.. You can find pieces that still have that flashy, glamorous look without breaking the bank. So if you're looking to add a little bit of bling to your life, this is the perfect way to do it! At Laie, you will be presented with an array of bling bling jewelry including iced out watches, cuban link bracelet, iced out chains, custom hip hop pendants, etc.

2. Top 5 Reasons To Buy Laie Rapper Jewelry

We may not be a famous rapper star, but we can wear on the same style similar as the celebrities, and upgrade your everyday look. The trendy, high-quality, affordable men's jewelry pieces at Laie will revolutionize your fashion.

Laie strives to fit the unique spot between street-style and high-quality, which is how beauty is made. Perfected for everyday use, without making you bankrupt, they last for ages without getting worn out as these jewelries are gold plated with only the best quality materials. Our mission is to offer the most unique yet suitable bling jewelry to fit your fashion style.

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Why Choose Laie?

Shop with Confidence

When you buy from Laie Jewelry, you have peace of mind. This is because Laie utilizes the highest quality of gold plating standards that prevents tarnishing at all costs. These jewelry pieces are gold plated five times in 14k or 18k Gold! What's there not to love? You also get a one-year warranty for every product you purchase.

Uniquely Attractive Designs

Laie Jewelry presents you with an opportunity to order custom-designed jewelry peculiar to you alone and perfected to suit your style. The available designs are eye-catching and stylish enough to make a statement in any gathering you find yourself.

Extremely Affordable

Laie Jewelry offers quality gold chains, iced-out jewelry, rapper jewelry, bling jewelry, iced-out diamond chains, and custom hip-hop pendants. All these pieces come at a reasonable price tag that protects your wallet. You do not have to break the bank just to buy Laie Jewelry.

Original Designs That Get Attention

If you're looking for something that will stand out as soon as you walk into a room or you want to be noticed from one side of a stage, Laie has got you covered. Laie Jewelry specializes in original designs that get attention. All pieces are crafted to grab eyes and hold attention.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

When you shop at Laie Jewelry, you are guaranteed that your jewelry is as beautiful as it looks in pictures. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, Laie offers return policies, and all products also come with a one-year warranty.

3. Shine Best with Laie

A flashy piece of bling or jewelry will make a great impression on stage. It can also help attract more attention and fans. Laie remains a long-term investment; like a custom-made chain, it will take up some capital, but with its durability and lasting power, you'll have a reliable way to show off your success.

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Your one-stop store to shop men's neck chains, watches, earrings, and rings in the styles that suit you. Drip cool and shine best with Laie Jewelry, where trends in street culture are now being made affordable.


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I'm Lyn. Because of the occupational requirement and personal interests, I have done research on hip-hop-related culture since 2003. I have carried on a broad and profound study on trendy iced-out jewelry in the market and gold jewelry styling tips for nearly 20 years.

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[1] Hip hop fashion: Hip hop fashion (also known as rap fashion) is a distinctive style of dress originating from Urban Black America and inner-city youth located in New York City, followed by Los Angeles, then other US cities. All have contributed various elements to the overall style seen worldwide today.

[2] Bling-bling: Bling-bling, often shortened to just bling, is "flashy jewelry worn especially as an indication of wealth or status; broadly: expensive and ostentatious possessions"[1] such as grills and designer bags. The term arose as slang, but grew into a cultural mainstay. Prominent examples of bling-bling include a large cross necklace or Jesus piece.